about us

We are a local family business offering a premium service to meet customers' refinishing needs from graffiti removal to surface preparation. To best cater for industrial and commercial customers, we offer an after-hours service so that the day-to-day running of their operation is not interrupted.

We are 100% MOBILE reducing your downtime as WE COME TO YOU! We also offer a pressure-cleaning service to both residential and commercial/government clients.

  • We provide a premium quality, safe and professional service for all sized jobs.

  • We comply with all relevant safety and environment legislation, codes and practice.

  • All work completed safely and efficiently with minimal disruption to clients.

  • We hold the following certifications:

    • Confined Spaces

    • Work Safely at Heights

    • Elevated Work Platform (above 11m) High Risk Licence

    • OHS Construction Induction

    • First Aid

Kwik Strip Dustless Blasting
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Kwik Strip Dustless Blasting

How does abrasive blasting work?



Abrasive blasting, sometimes referred to as wet abrasive blasting involves propelling a light stream of water with abrasive material (known as media) at high speed against a surface to remove surface coatings, carry out surface preparation, and to remove degraded surfaces in preparation for repairs. Different grades of media are used at different pressures which, when combined, achieve the best possible finish for our customers.


Abrasive blasting can clean and strip virtually any coating from any surface. The process is a fast and highly effective cleaning and stripping system that greatly reduces back-spray, keeps dust contained and makes clean up and removal of waste quicker and easier.  In instances where lead paint, for example, is being removed, a booth can be set up around the area to contain the waste so that it can be disposed safely and not enter local waterways and drains. This means the environmental effect of abrasive blasting is relatively minimal.

  • Faster than sand or soda blasting

  • The water prevents friction and won't warp or harden metal like the heat from sandblasting can

  • Additives can be used during the blast process to leave a paint-ready surface and to inhibit rust

  • Safer for the environment

  • No risk of silicosis with dustless blasting

  • Premium quality, safe and professional service for all sized jobs

  • Increase the life-span of your assets with improved surface preparation

  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs with superior cleaning

  • Removes grease and paint up to 15x quicker than industrial hydro-blasting